Welcome to McVickerStreet and thank you for joining us at the beginning of an exciting journey!


Actually, McVickerStreet is just another step in my Maker journey that started over 20 years ago.  I started my career with a degree in Retail Merchandising and worked in several retail management jobs before starting a family.  Once my first son was born retail hours and time demands just weren’t possible and so I started making window treatments for local customers.  Since then I’ve been following my passion of making (in my case sewing) handmade products of all kinds.  I love the creative process and get great satisfaction from seeing my customers use and enjoy something that I made.


Making products as a hobby is one thing but trying to be successful as a business is a totally different challenge.  It is very hard for Makers to be truly successful at building a brand, growing a customer base, and selling enough products to actually pay the bills.  Etsy, Amazon, and other similar platforms are great but it’s very difficult to separate from the crowd.  Selling at shows can be fun but they’re an incredible time commitment and can be very hit and miss.


To be successful as a Maker requires you to be an expert in social media, photography, website management, inventory planning and management, customer service, copy writing, and accounting.  All of which takes time from actually making products!


As a consumer, buying from Makers can be really challenging as well.  Searching those massive platforms to find high-quality products from reputable Makers can be like finding a needle in a haystack.  Going to shows to shop is fun but you’re really only seeing a very small fraction of the Makers and products available and it’s difficult to get to know and trust the Makers.


These challenges led me to three main ideas which eventually became the basis for McVickerStreet:


Other Makers must be experiencing these same challenges


There’s got to be a better way for consumers to discover outstanding Makers


Consumers want to support Makers they know and trust and will pay a fair price for quality handmade products


And so McVickerStreet was born with the vision to:

  • Help outstanding Makers rise above the crowd
  • Make it easy for consumers to find a collection of beautiful yet functional handmade products
  • Create a connection between Makers and consumers
  • Build an on-line community with a neighborhood feel – a place where everyone knows and supports each other


I know that McVickerStreet “version 1” still has a ways to go before fulfilling this vision but I’m taking the advice of so many entrepreneurs who simply say:  “Just start!”


You are part of the neighborhood too and I would love to hear your ideas on how McVickerStreet could be improved! 


Darlene Fredrickson

Maker, Pink Daisy Treasures

Founder, McVickerStreet

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