If you’re a maker of handmade items with a passion for your craft and an interest in selling your products for a fair price, then this FAQ will help you decide if McVickerStreet is right for you.  If you like what you learn and want to take the next step in the process, then simply complete the Maker Inquiry form to let us know of your interest.

Hopefully the FAQs below will give you the information that you need.  If not, please Contact Us with any additional questions that you have.  Note that these FAQs are for information only and that the relationship between makers and McVickerStreet will be governed by the Maker Terms and Conditions agreement.


Q:   With so many options for selling products on-line, why choose McVickerStreet?

A:   McVickerStreet offers the following benefits to makers:

Benefit #1:  We can help you rise above the crowd and get noticed – McVickerStreet carefully selects a limited number of makers for each product and category so you won’t get lost among hundreds of other sellers like you can on open platforms like Etsy or Amazon.

Benefit #2:  We want your unique story and brand to shine through and will actively promote your brand and products through our website and marketing activities.

Benefit #3:  Selling in a group is better than selling alone – Customers come to McVickerStreet because they know that they will find a wide variety of high quality handmade items from makers that they can trust.  Because makers on McVickerStreet aren’t competing with each other you will benefit from traffic that other makers generate and vice-versa.

Benefit #4:  McVickerStreet will handle the order fulfillment process including dealing with payments, returns, and even shipping.  You don’t have to stop selling on-line or close your store when you’re at a show or on vacation and risk losing an order or worse, losing your customer for good.

Benefit #5:  For those of you that don’t want to deal with the time and expense of maintaining your own website, McVickerStreet offers an alternative.  We provide you with a unique page featuring your story, your products, and your events.  We’ll even provide you with a unique URL that you can use to direct customers to your maker-page and your products.

Benefit #6:  Most importantly, McVickerStreet will give you more time to focus on doing what you love – making products!


Q:   How does McVickerStreet select the makers on the site?

A:   We use a number of criteria to select makers that want to join the McVickerStreet neighborhood:

  • Makers must create high-quality items.  We will carefully screen items and may request samples or purchase and test the items before agreeing to sell them on the site.
  • Items must be handmade by the makers themselves or their direct employees.  We will not accept items that are manufactured by a 3rd party.
  • Makers items must be unique in either style, construction or materials from other items on the site.  This means that there may be several makers selling bags and totes of different styles that appeal to different customers but there won’t be two makers selling the same style and competing on price.
  • Makers must be willing and able to work with us in providing an excellent experience for our customers.  Timely communication, fulfillment accuracy, product quality, and ability to fulfill demand are all factors that go into this.
  • Last, but not least, we need to be able to work together.  This is a 2-way street – during our initial discussions you should learn as much as you can about us and about how McVickerStreet operates so that you can decide if you want to work with us.  Remember, on McVickerStreet we get to choose our neighbors!  That goes for makers too.


Q:   How will McVickerStreet help makers with marketing?

A:   There are a number of marketing-related activities and opportunities available including:

  • Our first step is to make sure that each maker is presented to our customers on the McVickerStreet website by:All new makers will be featured in our social media activities
    • Ensuring that high-quality product photos and informative descriptions are available for all products
    • Building the maker’s story and product page so that customers can learn more about the Maker and easily find all of the maker’s product offerings
    • Featuring one or more of the maker’s products on our home page
    • SEO best practices will be used for maker’s products and content on the site
    • Makers will receive a unique URL to their maker page that they can provide to their customers
  • All makers will be featured in our social media activities
  • Makers can post blog content on the McVickerStreet blog page.  This is a great way to highlight your expertise or provide additional information about your business
  • Makers can publish upcoming shows and events on the McVickerStreet events page
  • From time-to-time maker's products, posts and events will be shared or featured in the McVickerStreet social media


Q:   How will orders and payments be handled?

A:   McVickerStreet will process all orders and handle order related communications and questions with the customer.  We will reach out to makers for help on any product specific questions.  Customers will pay via PayPal or credit card through our secure Braintree (PayPal) payment gateway.


Q:   How will inventory stocking and shipments be handled?

A:   The following options are currently available to handle product stocking and shipping:

  • Wholesale:  We will purchase your products and assume the investment risk to carry, stock and sell them.  This may be the best option for items produced in larger batches
  • Consignment:  We will stock your item and you will retain ownership of the item until it is purchased.  We will handle the order, payment and shipping and will reimburse you for all products sold and shipped each month.  This may be the best option for one-of-a-kind or low volume items
  • Drop-ship:  We will handle the order and payment for your items and you will ship it from your location.  You will be reimbursed for all items sold and shipped each month.  This may be the best option for oversize, high value, or fragile / difficult-to-ship items

We will work together to determine the best option for you and your items.


Q:   Will returns be accepted?  How will they be processed?

A:   Returns will be accepted for 30 days from product receipt by the customer.  McVickerStreet will process all returns including handling of stock and payment refund.  Exceptions may apply for certain items and in those cases the item description will clearly state that they are not eligible for returns. See the Returns Policy for more details.


Q:   What are the costs?

A:   We are offering the McVickerStreet service for free for a 6 month period to the first 10 makers that join our neighborhood!  We want to reward the initial makers who choose to partner with us and help us establish McVickerStreet as a fun and convenient shopping destination for our customers.  Normal pricing will be comparable to other on-line services and will be reviewed with makers that have a serious interest in joining us.  Please complete the Maker Inquiry form to learn more.


Q:   Is McVickerStreet right for you?

A:   Building a successful on-line brand and selling on-line can be incredibly difficult.  If you simply don’t have the time and/or skills to do this then McVickerStreet offers a great way for you to quickly increase your sales through a new on-line channel.

If you already have a website or Etsy shop but they’re not really delivering the results that you want then McVickerStreet may be the right choice that helps you break free from the crowd. 

Even if you already have a successful on-line presence, McVickerStreet may still provide a great way for you to amp up your sales by offering exclusive products that don’t compete with your other sites.

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